MAKETANK Projects is a creative space in College Corner, OH

MAKETANK Projects invites you to draw publicly!

Live Drawing at MAKETANK Projects will take place on Friday Sept. 21, 2012 after dark (this should be around 7:00 PM). Drawing will be begin at 7:15. The address is 35 Main St. College Corner, OH, just 5 miles from Oxford, OH and 8 miles from Liberty, IN.

If you plan to draw, please RSVP by Sept. 19 by clicking HERE.The length of time each person has to draw will be determined by the number of participants. Several people have already confirmed their participation.

The basic idea:
MAKETANK Projects invites you to draw publicly. Located at 35 Main St. College Corner, OH the studio has large storefront windows that face highway 27, a North/South route connecting a variety of mid western towns. These windows will become the viewing space for developing drawings. Inside coordinated waves of artists, each working up a transparency at a different overhead projector (3 total), will draw in front of a live and encouraging audience made up of other artists and supporters.

Rod drawing at MAKETANK Projects

Rod drawing at MAKETANK Projects

What to expect when you arrive:
An event! There will be music, snacks and most importantly artistic risk taking in a public setting.

All individuals committed to participating in the Live Drawing will sign-in and place their name ticket in “the hat.” Names will be drawn and called at regular intervals throughout the evening. When your name is called, prepare to draw. The estimated time to draw is 7 – 10 min. depending on the total number participants.

All drawing supplies will be provided, but participants need to decide to come prepared with a plan or to be spontaneous.

How the project lives on:
During the event finished drawings will be archived with the artist’s name and organized in the rear of MAKETANK Projects. A fourth overhead projector will allow for drawings to be viewed on a large scale throughout the evening.

The drawings will be curated and exhibited, by re-projecting them in the storefront windows the on scheduled evenings from Sept. 22 – Oct. 22.

BYO – drinks.  Minors will not be permitted to drink alcohol.
Snacks will be provided.
MAKETANK Projects guarantees that nothing like this has ever happened before in College Corner, OH or College Corner, IN.


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