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LIVE DRAWING – Details for those who will be drawing!

Hi Participating Artists,

MAKETANK Projects is excited to have you join us this Friday, Sept. 21, 2012 for a public drawing night. While we’ve been preparing the studio several questions have been posed about the specific plans regarding what and how to draw. Hopefully this entry will help you be ready to jump into action and at the same time be relaxed when you arrive.

Good to know before you arrive:

Live Drawing Night Poster


This project aims to be fun, stir things up a bit, bring a little weirdness to our mid-western community, inspire, be memorable and only your participation can actually make this idea a reality. So, thank you so much for your willingness to draw publicly! This isn’t meant to throw anyone into fits of anxiety or debilitating fear, but a teeny bit of stage fright might be just the sauce needed to make something strange.

Each participant will “draw” on their own transparency (the transparencies are 8.5 x 11 with a custom mask, which guarantees that your drawing will fit the projection on the window perfectly) at their own station for about 10-15 minutes (the exact length time will be determined by Thursday night based on the number of people who have agreed to draw). We don’t have a ton of rules established regarding how to use your drawing time. If you want to swap drawings with a peer half way through your set or suggest a constraint feel free to do so. There will be three people drawing simultaneously, but each participant will be at their own projector, with their own transparency. WHAT YOU DRAW WILL BE UPSIDE DOWN AND BACKWARDS FROM YOUR SIDE OF THE SCREEN and still UP SIDE DOWN OUTSIDE, BUT NOT BACKWARDS! Yep, a little confusing – maybe it is better to just ignore this phenomenon and draw.

MAKETANK Projects is providing some drawing materials (sharpie markers – all colors and black and different thicknesses), tape, a variety of papers (can be used to make shapes, gray scale) and scissors. You are invited to bring your own materials to affect your transparency. ALSO! – you can come as prepared as you’d like. Maybe you have some sketches already planned that you’d like to transpose, or you have a conceptual drawing in mind (a transparent box of live moths that will act as a “live drawing” when placed on the projector), maybe you have pre-cut shapes that provide imagery to respond to. Maybe you have a specific song you’d like us to play while you draw… there are so many possibilities.

When you arrive (7-7:15):

Once you enter MAKETANK Projects you’ll see a table with a sign-in sheet and a schedule of who will be drawing when on the chalk board. Please sign-in and we’ll get you on the schedule. Everyone coming to the event, drawing or not, will be arriving more or less at the same time so if our outreach was successful, it should be busy. When you sign in, please indicate if you need to depart by a certain time so that we can schedule accordingly.

After signing in, feel free to add your drinks to the ice bucket, have a snack and check out the drawing area.

The drawing area:

Participants will draw at the very front of the studio. We have set up three overhead projectors each next to a small table with drawing supplies, behind the three projectors and within participants’ reach is an additional table with more supplies to be shared by all. We’ve hung projection surfaces in the three windows making your drawings visible from the street. There will be music playing inside and outside the studio. You will stand to draw, but we will have a few stools available for those who would prefer to sit and for children that are participating.

What happens to your drawing?:

When your session ends you will sign your drawing and then bring it to the “archiving” table. We’ll have folders, labels and a filing rack ready for you to archive your drawing. After you’ve prepped your masterpiece you’ll add it to the collection in the back of the studio where it can be viewed large again! We’ll have yet another projector set up and ready to use for viewing the growing archive. After the event is over MAKETANK Projects will establish a schedule for showing curated works in the studio windows during the month of October.

My children would like to draw!:

Great! We’d love to have kids who are old enough to commit to the time frame and are comfortable working on their own. Kids will be incorporated into the three-person waves right along with the adults that are drawing. Their drawings will become part of the archive and could be be chosen for the evening exhibitions that will be curated throughout the month. Parents, please make sure that you’re child understands that there is a time limit to draw and that they will not keep their drawings. We think this could be really fun for kids and for those watching, but we’d hate to create tears because of a misunderstanding.

Still have questions? Email us:



2 comments on “LIVE DRAWING – Details for those who will be drawing!

    September 19, 2012

    We have lived here in West College Corner for 4 years now and I have grown up in small towns, this sounds like alot of fun and I hope it grows.

  2. Jamie
    September 25, 2012

    Although I did not get to attend I think this is an awesome idea and I hope you do it again soon!

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