MAKETANK Projects is a creative space in College Corner, OH


MAKETANK Projects is the project space for MAKETANK Inc., a collaboration of artists and designers in Southwest Ohio Located in College Corner, Ohio, the site serves as a location for art making, social experimentation, cross disciplinary collaboration, community activism, and cultural inquiry. The space at 35 Main Street houses a metalsmithing studio, a woodshop, an exhibition space, and a communal brainspace.

The Mission of Maketank projects is to enhance, support, and create positive change in small, midwestern communities by using College Corner as a laboratory. Using a mix of methods that are grounded in art, sociology, psychology, and design, we are working to make a healthier, more educated, inspired, inspiring, familial, sought after, more prosperous, and more diverse community.

The projects that support the mission facilitate creative, unorthodox, non-heuristic events that are active, engaging, and involve the participation of all members of the local social fabric.

Through appreciative inquiry, we strive to seek out the best aspects of the community, advocate for similar initiatives, facilitate design charrettes to brainstorm new ones, and showcase the people who contribute.




Repeat…bigger this time


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