MAKETANK Projects is a creative space in College Corner, OH


What MAKETANK Projects is:
The primary mission of MAKETANK Projects studio and exhibition space is to encourage creative participation. The studio is a laboratory and incubator for progressive community projects. The exhibition space is unique because of its location, physical design, hours of operation. The location is in downtown College Corner, OH (pop. 1650), a quaint town located on the border of Indiana and Ohio. We are located on highway 27, a major throughway connecting several Mid-western towns. The space is physically connected to a working metalsmithing and sculpture studio in a spacious former auto dealership, c. 1920. When artists are in the studio working the doors are open, or special arrangements for viewing the work can be made upon request. When the doors are closed the front windows act as an exhibition space.

Exhibitions, which are held multiple times a year, are scheduled around availability of the studio as well as the strength and timing of proposals, rather than a pre-determined time-line. Exhibitions are considered based on their potential to inspire the local community. Work should be exhibited with consideration of the store-front windows as a primary method of communication. We are essentially asking the artist to strive to be a community participation creator rather than an art superstar.

Exhibition duration:
Normal duration of an exhibition is two weeks, with the week prior reserved for installation and the two days following the run, for de-installation. The opening is typically on a Friday or Saturday evening at the beginning of the show. Special proposals running longer or shorter, as well as participatory projects, will be considered.

Artist Responsibility:
Presence: Artists should plan to be present (or have made arrangements for) the installation, de-installation, and opening event.

Getting the work to the space: Ideally delivery of work is recommended, but shipping is possible. All delivery/shipping costs are the responsibility of the artist.

Getting the work installed/de-installed: This should be done by the artist or qualified installers who are familiar with the work.

Getting the work back to the artist: The artist should pick up the work personally, have it shipped back to them (if this is the case, the artist must make arrangements for packing as well as pick-up by UPS, Fed-Ex, etc.), or have a representative/friend pick up the work. Again, all delivery/shipping costs are the responsibility of the artist.

Design: The show has to be designed to catch attention from the street. Because we don’t have regular hours, that will be how it is available to the public at most times.

What we offer is unique first floor, street view space exhibition space in the front part of a working art studio. The intimate space (300 sq. ft., 13’ x 23’ and 12’ ceilings) is a flexible one that allows for experimental work including performance, video projection, audio, and the general showcasing of 2-, 3-, and 4D work. It is also possible to use the sidewalk area directly in front of the space. The three store-front windows occupy one of the long (23’) walls of the space and are ideal for rear-projection of video. There is one sold wall (13 ft. long) for hanging work. We are happy to brainstorm ideas to help create the most interesting, inclusive, and participatory events possible.  Like many gallery spaces, we have space, lights, curatorial experience, access to pedestals/plinths, and a desire to showcase interesting work. Yet as previously mentioned, there are no consistent hours of operation. The lighting in the space is kept on until after dark (until 10 PM) throughout the course of the exhibition. We do provide signage (artist/group name, exhibition title, etc.) for the front window at no cost.

Budget and insurance:
While we do not charge artists to participate at MAKETANK Projects, the space itself has no exhibition budget, so costs (shipping, installation, documentation, special hardware, special paint, etc.) must be shouldered by the exhibitor. We encourage and will support funding initiatives including crowd-sourcing, financial opportunities that may be available through Miami University Ohio, or conventional art grants. We welcome artist initiated reception and invite a BYOB and BYO-snacks / potluck set-up unless the artist wants to fund the reception. MAKETANK projects carries no insurance policy for the work displayed.

Participation outreach:
To support the primary mission of the space, we work to connect the local community to the artist, exhibition, or event. This may include visits from, or participation with, local schools, art students from regional universities, as well as invitations to local residents. Artists are encouraged to also participate as lecturers or workshop hosts at other institutions in the region. We are interested in proposals that would directly include participation in the form of presentations, workshops, or other events. The space can also act as a hub for participatory work, a headquarters for social interventions, a node for a larger network of progressive and creative art, or a place to experiment with a non-traditional or unconventional project that will enhance and connect community.


One comment on “Exhibitions

  1. Jane Thurmer
    August 2, 2012

    Hello Northcutt family! Don’t know how far and wide this is published (for non-internet users I mean), but I’d love to see this in the Liberty Herald and posted in the Union County Library, Woodruff’s grocery, our post office and the one in Liberty, the courthouse maybe? There may be older folks who aren’t online who’d appreciate the photos, write-up, etc. Peace, Jane Thurmer

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