MAKETANK Projects is a creative space in College Corner, OH

PAST – Alysia Fischer “Suspended Resources”

Exhibition Dates: May 31 – June 20, 2013.


Alysia Fischer "Suspended Resources" - Opening Reception

Alysia Fischer “Suspended Resources” – Opening Reception

Alysia Fischer "Suspended Resources" - Installation View 2

Alysia Fischer “Suspended Resources” – Installation View 2


Alysia Fischer “Suspended Resources” – Installation view from floor looking up.

Alysia Fischer is an installation artist, sculptor, and Miami professor who creatively turns cast-off materials into compelling sculptures. This exhibition featured works displayed in the storefront windows of MAKETANK Projects as well as a rubber bracelet-making workshop.

Fischer’s work is motivated by a long-term consideration of how humans are involved in the march of often still useful materials into landfills. Fischer’s background as an archaeologist and anthropologist enables her to compare how people consumed materials in the past as well as current consumption habits of other cultures. One purpose of Fischers’s work is to reflect on the local waste cycle. She works with locally sourced discarded materials in order to demonstrate they have a use-life extending beyond their intended or expected one. The resulting works have the potential to challenge the viewer to reconsider what they send to landfills and think about whether those objects may have value within another context. All of the work that will be shown has been made of materials diverted from the Rumpke landfill in Colerain Township, Ohio.

The point of view for the “Suspended Resources” exhibition at MAKETANK Projects comes directly from a

critical view of the consumerist and wasteful nature of American culture.  It is both a reflection of and a commentary on our cultural practices. More information can be found at her site

Alysia Fischer "Suspended Resources" - Installation view with award winning bike tire screen

Alysia Fischer “Suspended Resources” – Installation view with award winning bike tire screen


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