MAKETANK Projects is a creative space in College Corner, OH

PAST – Alicia Obermeyer Spectacular Wanders

Spectacular Wanders, exhibited from May 4th – 18th 2012, was the first of many exhibitions at MAKETANK Projects. The mixed media installation featured quirky and compelling accumulations of stuff. The space was activated by materials that hardly seem active at all–plastic saved from the landfill at the last minute, T-shirts that were destined for ragdom as soon as they were made, cardboard, old socks, and other icons of quotidian consumption. These found objects, most likely never considered to have any aesthetic dimension at all, were somehow assembled and crafted by Obermeyer into a cast of odd characters that took up residence for two weeks at the MAKETANK space as if it were a country S.R.O. They were icky yet loveable, common and noble, and occasionally even triumphant. The bright colors under the harsh gallery lights could be seen even by dudes speeding down a cop-less main street in front of the space in their Monte Carlo. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the show was the presentation of such strangeness to the community. We all know those materials because we all must deal with them…daily. But this was an exposition of what fun could be had with the stuff we throw away. It showed what fantastic yarns could be spun with common items. It suggests that a life can be made after the originally designed life is over. It reminds us of the hope that is too easily forgotten.


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