MAKETANK Projects is a creative space in College Corner, OH

PAST – Mr. Phukamakae Lock(ed) in

Mr. Phukamakae at MAKETANK Projects

Mr. Phukamakae at MAKETANK Projects

Mr. Phukamukae Locke(ed) in

Five of the most significant Cincinnati area artists (Tracy Featherstone, Craig Clemmens, Roscoe Wilson, Andrew Au, and Jen Purdum) were locked into the MAKETANK Projects studio for 30.5 hours (Friday Feb 8th at 10 am – Saturday Feb 9th at 4:30 pm – 2013) to create a collaborative installation. The collaborative work was celebrated immediately upon completion.MAKETANK Projects provided sustenance, studio space and surprise! MAKETANK Projects is offered its full metalsmithing and woodworking shop as well as video, audio, and other media equipment for use by the artists. In the spirit of both the dada and fluxus art movements, MAKETANK Projects delivered a “surprise” in the form of an added conceptual challenge, given when the artists began their installation on Friday (it was like Iron Chef). The opening was held on Saturday, Feb 9th immediately after the installation was complete.

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